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In honor of my homeland, though actually blooming in my neighbor’s back yard.
Awwh… if only Penny would be so cooperative.

He likes to wear clothes (so they say).
2002– Cowgirl (pictured with Ben T)

2003– Ruth… see the wheat? (pictured with Amber F)

2004– Boo, from Monster’s Inc. (pictured with random Japanese child)

2006– Cat feet (pictured with Havaiana sandals)

2007– Geisha(ish) (pictured with Amy N)

2007 Redux– Hermione

lolcat - hallelujah!  praise the lawd!
more funny pictures

It made me smile. :) Maybe you, too.

My cat, Penny, is crazy. I’ve decided she has some identity issues and really believes she’s a dog. She’s uber-affectionate, meows like dogs bark, and follows me wherever I go. Only I would end up with a co-dependent cat.

One thing that has been consistently elusive is a cute picture of the two of us together. Not only does she always give goofy looks, but her last minute shifts change my expression as well. It’s probably what I deserve for subjecting her to the flash of my camera. Today I tried again, and came out with what I think is the funniest picture of us:

I died laughing when I saw how it turned out! It reminds me of one of the old cliche that pets and their owners start to look alike after a while. But then the goober turned around and produced one of the sweetest pictures of us (even though I look like a dork):

As soon as I started taking it, she turned and started licking my face! So if kitty kisses make you swoon, then eat your heart out. They do not have that effect on me. Animals’ tongues should not touch humans, especially their faces. Sorry if you’re one of those people who gives open mouth kisses to your dog (or bird, in one friend’s case). :) Ha!

Well there you go. I have two posts of substance that I’m working on, so hopefully I’ll have those out soon. Have a great weekend! Shalom!*

*gold star if you get it


You have to click on it to get the full effect. Darn you blogger templates that give me grief!

If you can’t tell, one of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures of flowers and trees. Going camping gave me a good chance to do some of that, although not a whole lot was in bloom.

Two peas in a pod… or two buds on a stem… whatever. :)

This one’s my favorite.

Also, two nights ago OKC had a humongous storm. I’ve never slept in a war-zone, but I imagine it was as close as I could get to that experience without being there. I woke up about 3am to the loudest thunder I’ve heard and lightning so bright it lit up my room like daylight. And it went on until 5am!

I woke up and as I was leaving for work the next morning, I realized that a tree had fallen in my back yard! I don’t know if it was hit by lightning or fell from the wind, but either way it came a little too close for comfort to my neighbor’s car.

Is this a rotten tree or is this the site of a lightning strike? Horticulturists, please help me!
This split makes me think it was lightning. Poor little redbud!

This may just look like dirt, but it represents my afternoon of hard work! Since the sun actually made an appearance today, I left work an hour early and got busy making a flower bed. This strip was full of weeds as tall as shrubs and a couple of years worth of dead leaves. But now it’s ready to be made something nice and beautiful. :) What should I plant? What’s the hardest thing to kill? It’s on the east side of the house and gets more shade than sun. ~Gonna make this garden grow… all is takes is a rake and hoe…~ :)

It seems like lately I’ve been focusing on sad things, but today, thanks to blogdom, I was able to share in the joy of several of my friends. So I’m going to pass it along in case you need a little pick me up, too. :)

First is an update on Baby Ben, who was featured in a full spread, 17 picture layout on his daddy’s blog. The pictures were beautiful, and when I got to this one, with his eyes open, it literally took my breath away. This little baby is proving to a miracle more each day. Praise God for his immeasurable grace!

Then to continue in the baby theme, I saw today that my sweet little baby friend (who I still haven’t gotten to meet outside the womb), Sophie, is starting to walk! Isn’t she a beautiful girl??? Congratulations Sophie and Mama Rox!

A blog that made me jealous e ficar com forte saudades, but also gave me a huge grin and a lot of laughs, my friend Pamela the Canadian posted about her recent month long visit from one of our dear friends from Itu. I love this picture of the little Brasilcicle.

And look at this happy reunion. How can you not be happy looking at those faces???

That one definitely puts some pangs in my heart, but also reminds me of the great bonds of friendship that can easily stretch continents. :)

Hope something on here made you happy, too!

I had some fun taking pictures of our Christmas tree with long exposure.

This might not be interesting if you don´t know these people, but hey, you know me. I just wanted to post some pictures of people I love very much.

Ann, Ivonete, Jandira– Ivonete is so precious. She showers love on everyone she meets, and every week I look forward to seeing her at church because I know that she will be genuinely happy to see me. She is so beautiful, inside and out. All my girlfriends here want to be like her when we´re her age. :) For reference, for those who “know” Ivan from earlier posts, this is his mom.

Kária, Joab, Ann– Kária is the wife of Joncelei, the minister of the church in Salto (planted by the church in Itu). Kária is too precious. She always calls me “Annie,” and when she writes my name she writes it “Anny”. :) Joab (pronounced Joe-ah-bee) is one of the cutest kids ever. He loves my chocolate chip cookies and draws me pictures. I adore this family!

The other day, to my utter horror, I realized I had no pictures of me with this boy! This is Victor, AKA Vitinho. I love Victor– he has a joy about him that just makes you happy to be with him. He´s an amazing friend and one of the people I respect most as a young Christian leader. And he´s hilarious– he is, in fact, the penguin milker. :)

Eu amo Itu! :)