Am I the confident one that speaks up in Bible class sounding as though I know what I’m talking about?

Am I the insecure one who doesn’t really reveal who I am or what I think for fear you’ll run?

Am I the sweet one, always with a listening ear and a hand to hold?

Am I the absent one who can’t be reached by phone or email or smoke signal?

Am I the steady one, the moral compass, the calming presence?

Am I the impatient one who shakes her fist at crazy drivers on the road?

Am I the resilient one who has overcome enormous physical difficulties?

Am I the public one, who twitters, facebooks, and blogs on a regular basis?

Am I a country girl from small town Texas?

Am I really a sojochick- world traveler, cross-cultural, rolling stone?

Am I a writer, web-designer, English teacher?

Faithful and faithless,
Humble and proud,
Strong and weak,
Sensitive and hard,
Saint and sinner.

By the grace of God, I’m all of the above.

Father, in your mercy, give us peace with ourselves and our many contradictions. Make us more in your image and use our many broken, crooked pieces to reveal your glory.