What a weekend! I went to Knoxville, TN last Thursday to celebrate my dear friend Meredith’s wedding. It was a whirlwind, busy trip, but I had a ton of fun and was so blessed to be included in their celebration. Pictures speak louder than words, right? So here ya go. I even did some video logs (vlogs?). Stay tuned for part 2.

Bridesmaid Log 1 from Ann W on Vimeo. On the way to the airport.

A fondue bachelorette party is the best idea ever. :)

Bachelorette party attendees

Bridesmaid Log 2 from Ann W on Vimeo. Primping.

My first pedicure! I’m addicted.

Bridesmaid Log 3 from Ann W on Vimeo. Trying to decide on a toenail color. More difficult than you’d think.

Bridesmaid Log 4 from Ann W on Vimeo. On the way to the rehearsal with the bride.

Bryan and Mer’s toast at the rehearsal dinner

Reunited and it feels so good! Amber, Traci, Mer, me