I told you last week that I gave my testimony at church to help rouse some donors for the blood drive. Well, the Lord provides! I think they told me there were 43 units collected at the end of the day, including 14 people from the young singles ministry! I am just overjoyed. I have the best friends in the world. There were several who really didn’t want to give, but did. It’s such a good, easy, and important thing! Here are some photos, since the blog has been lacking color lately.

Dear Pete, such a trooper. :) (that’s iodine, not blood on his arm- he hadn’t started yet). And look at Lindsey back there smiling!

Amy says, “I love blood donation! It’s a game for me. Try and beat 4:32!”

Rebecca says, “Blood donation makes me happpppy!”

OBI Lady says, “^#%$ Why are you taking pictures?!”

I’m not just an advocate, I’m also a donor! Despite the blurriness, I assure you that it is me.

After donating we went to lunch at Texas Roadhouse to regain our strength. Look how cute we are and how much we love each other!

Lindsey and Tiffany

Angie and Rebecca

Ann and Amy

Pete and Wes