Hello all, from the great white north (of Texas, that is).

ICE APOCALYPSE 2007– A survivor’s tale


Yesterday morning I braved midtown’s winter fury and make my way to the promised land, Edmond. Driving north on the main trail really wasn’t so bad, since I never went above 25 mph.

After arriving, I went to the local oasis, Starbucks. I think that Starbucks loyalists will always go out, no matter rain nor sleet nor snow. And apparently I’ve become one of them, or at least have made acquaintances who are such folk.

Once refueled with my morning coffee and meeting up with a fellow pilgrim, we set out to find a local house of worship, which was harder than we thought, considering we live in the buckle of the Bible belt. Have these people no loyalty to the weekly meeting time??? :) But we found one that was hosting an “abbreviated” service. Apparently that means five minutes of stark silence (since when do CoCs practice contemplative meditation? heehee…), 2 songs, and communion. It was nice.

Then we found some vittles at a local eatery. I don’t feel guilty patronizing a restaurant that is forcing it’s workers to come to work in perilous conditions, because if nutheads like me didn’t go it, it would be all for naught. We took full advantage of free refills and delayed going back into the ICE APOCALYPSE 2007 for three hours.

After we’d worn out our welcome at Chili’s, we decided a movie was in order. So we braved the roads and went to my friend’s abode to watch Just Friends; I highly recommend it! Good company, good movie. Great way to spend a “baby, it’s cold outside” kind of day.

Just as the sun was setting I braved the trails once more to reach my surrogate parents’ house near my work. They let me spend the night. After more wonderful conversation I settled in for a long winter’s nap, only to toss and turn as I was wondering about the actual severity of ICE APOCALYPSE 2007.


An early morning email checked revealed work was indeed canceled, due to power outages on campus. Though at first there was rejoicing, it was soon replaced with the common sense knowledge that I would rather be at work then go through an ICE APOCALYPSE.

Thankfully, I’m still with friends and within walking distance of more. We have power, heat, food, TV and internet.

In all seriousness, if you’re in this mess be careful. Only go out when necessary, and don’t take any unnecessary chances. :)