My cat, Penny, is crazy. I’ve decided she has some identity issues and really believes she’s a dog. She’s uber-affectionate, meows like dogs bark, and follows me wherever I go. Only I would end up with a co-dependent cat.

One thing that has been consistently elusive is a cute picture of the two of us together. Not only does she always give goofy looks, but her last minute shifts change my expression as well. It’s probably what I deserve for subjecting her to the flash of my camera. Today I tried again, and came out with what I think is the funniest picture of us:

I died laughing when I saw how it turned out! It reminds me of one of the old cliche that pets and their owners start to look alike after a while. But then the goober turned around and produced one of the sweetest pictures of us (even though I look like a dork):

As soon as I started taking it, she turned and started licking my face! So if kitty kisses make you swoon, then eat your heart out. They do not have that effect on me. Animals’ tongues should not touch humans, especially their faces. Sorry if you’re one of those people who gives open mouth kisses to your dog (or bird, in one friend’s case). :) Ha!

Well there you go. I have two posts of substance that I’m working on, so hopefully I’ll have those out soon. Have a great weekend! Shalom!*

*gold star if you get it