Last night our merry band of pilgrims returned to the Dennis Jernigan Praise Night. It was, as always, a wonderful and powerful time of worship. This time I was smart enough to take my camera. I’m not sure this is legal or DJ condoned, but I took some videos.

This first video is epitomizes one of the things I love about DJ. He was telling us that he had a really rough time in the past week, how several frustrating and saddening things were happening in his life and family. Apparently it culminated on Sunday, but when he woke up on Monday morning he was singing this song. Yes, you read that right– apparently he wrote the song in his sleep. Or the Lord gave him the song through the night, however you prefer to look at it. So here is one of the newest Dennis Jernigan songs:

As we arrived, he was also singing a fairly new song we learned at the last Praise Night, titled Yeshua. It’s… interesting. :)

The visual quality is not great on these. The little white dot in the middle is Dennis Jernigan’s head. If you get the contrast right you might can see that the lyrics are on the screen above his head.

The good news is that they’ve decided to continue DJ praise nights through December! Each second Friday of the month. So if you’re interested let me know. I’m sure I’ll be going back! (and there was no mention of a singles mixer! woo hoo!)