This is my 602nd blog post. I’ve been blogging about 3 years and 3 months. More and more often lately I find myself thinking about shutting the blog down. There are several reasons. The one I think about most is that this is such a crappy medium for relationship building or maintenence. There are people who read my blog to “keep in touch with me”, which is a nice idea, but there are several problems. For one, it’s entirely one sided. You feel like you know what’s up with me and you’ve connected somehow, whereas in reality there’s just nothing. And I don’t like it, although I’m guilty of the same thing with my other blogging buddies. Also, the truth is that I generally don’t talk about important things going on in my life on the blog. I don’t (generally) talk about the things I think most and most deeply about. I tried that and didn’t really like it, so I am unlikely to try again anytime soon.

Overall, I just feel very uninspired. I hesitate to go on any kind of official blog sabbatical, because it seems every time I tell someone I’m going to, I end up writing a lot. So if the blog seems kind of stale, that is why. I’m waiting for my muse to return. :)