Sundays have become my favorite day. Rather than “Sunday Morning Coming Down” I feel like I could sing a (somewhat) comparable “Monday Morning Coming Down.” This song has been on my heart as a description of the time I spend with my Christian family.

Here In This Place
Chris Davis
Lay your burden down
Every care you carry,
And come to the table of grace,
For there is mercy.
Come just as you are,
We are all unworthy
To enter the presence of God
For He is holy.

Lift up your heart, lift up your hands,
Fall on your knees and pray;
For the King of kings and the love He brings
Is here in this place.
We raise our voices, raise our song,
We offer Him our praise;
For the King of kings and the joy He brings
Is here, He is here in this place.

Just as a note for future reference, I changed churches since the last time I referenced my congregation. I didn’t “blog-nounce” it because I didn’t want people to jump to conclusions over why I changed based on circumstantial, peripheral events. I have been attending Quail Springs Church of Christ for several months now, and it has been sheer blessing. I still love Memorial, but I feel like God has led me to Quail at this point in my life. My good friends already knew that I’ve moved, but I just wanted to clarify here for times in the future when I reference the church I attend.