I’d like to announce the newest addition to my household, Penny Lane.

Never to be outdone by my sister, I decided to jump on the pet bandwagon myself. :) Penny’s a two year old who I adopted from the animal shelter. Her name was “Gracie”, but I might like to name a human child Grace one day, so I had to switch names. She’s coppery colored and you know I love the Beatles, so Penny Lane it is. :) Apparently I am a hero for not just wanting a kitten, the way the people at the animal shelter talked. I went last week just to look, and when I walked in all the cats were sleeping, except Penny who jumped up and started meowing at me. I think we’ll be happy together. :)

In an effort to not become a crazy cat person, I have laid forth some rules. Penny is not my child, I am not her mommy. Nor is she my baby. I will not use this language with her. She may be called kitty, sweetie, or any other pet name, if you will. I’m not sure what other limits I will put on myself. I guess we’ll see as we go along.