I’m probably going to be mocked a little for this, but that’s okay; I’m not ashamed. :) I have a little crush on Grant Johnston, a local TV meteorologist. I first took note of him when he signed up to take graduate classes at my dear alma mater. So he’s apparently a thinking Christian. I like it! Then I found out he is single. So that’s nice. :) But he won my loyal fanship once I started watching and saw him make corny jokes on air. I’m starting to notice that corny jokes are the way to my heart. He makes the erratic Oklahoma weather a more pleasant thing. :)

So yes, I’m a fan. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Grant and the KFOR crew were featured in The Onion!

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For the record, that’s not Grant Johnston in the picture. :) But all the names are accurate, apparently! How weird would it be to one day find yourself in The Onion?! Oh my.

I would like to apologize for the outlandishness of the title, but I couldn’t think of anything better. I know I have several word-smith readers… can anyone think of anything better? A prize to the best alternative title.

I would also like to apologize to Grant Johnston if he one day reads this, since I have a history of attracting the random people/organizations I write about. :)


Oh, I love my clever friends. :) If only you would use your powers for good and not evil… with great power comes great responsibility, you know. ;) Hahaha…