If you’ve never played with Google Earth, you are missing out. It’s this awesome quasi-three dimensional global map computer program that lets you see incredibly detailed true picture maps of nearly anywhere in the world. I’ll just post some of my own doodles. :) I don’t know how well they’ll show up (size-wise), so I think you can click on them if you want a better look.

My old Japanese stomping ground. Mashiko Heights was my apartment building, and Namekawa Cho Gakko was the school I worked at.

Eu deixei meu coração aqui. This is Itu. Please note that when I broke my toe, I had to walk from the “Portal Bus Stop” to the “Gonçalves´ House”. Yeah, now you feel my pain!

Aaaaeeee, que triste! :(

This is for my dad and great-aunt and whoever else in the family reads the blog. :)

What a cool toy, huh?!?! It’s the strangest thing; I look at those roads and buildings and I honestly feel like I’m at any one of those places again.