I wrote the title of this post then realized that people might not initially realize it’s a divergence from my recent series on gender justice. :) But it is! Oh I’ll be back with more to say on that soon, but I thought I’d take a little break before I lose my entire readership. But this is a different kind of girly stuff, as in pictures of flowers and how I decorated my bedroom.

I love spring, in case I haven’t mentioned it here. Each couple of weeks brings some new blooming plant, and it’s such a renewable joy in my life. Here are the mystery plants that were beginning to grow in my front yard when I moved in:

My next door neighbors who apparently don’t live there (I’ve never seen anyone actually at the house) have a beautiful backyard, wildly growing garden. There are several big rosebushes blooming right now. I felt at liberty to take pictures because it hangs into my back yard:

And for vanity’s sake–
Also, I’m pretty sure my mother would be the only one who cares to see this, but here are pictures of my bedroom since I have semi decorated it.

I think it’s pretty! The color scheme is tan/beige/cream and lavender. I even “made” my curtains myself!

Alright, I’ll try to get back to the hermeneutics stuff soon. I hope my mom enjoyed this. :)