As of tonight, I think my life has been taken to the next level. :) In case you haven’t noticed, I happen to be a big fan of Derek Webb. Really, I’m a big fan. Big fan. :) I saw him once in concert before, back before I even knew his name. While he was in Caedmon’s Call they came to OC for a concert. Anyhoo, tonight was the big night! He came back to OKC and I got to see him!!!

So yes, I drove through the monsoon and met my DW Buddy and it was AWESOME! :) Derek was singing at a local church as part of a workshop weekend to talk about, inspire, and celebrate art in the church. So the first half of the concert was actually a question and answer conversation with Derek about the importance of quality, honest art in Christian community and how Derek views his own artistic process. That was funny in itself, because he compared writing a song to a passionate make-out session. He says you know it’s great when it’s happening and when you finish you know want to do it again, but you really can’t remember much about what actually happened. Yeah. :)

Then Derek played an acoustic set of some of his “classic” songs and a couple from his new CD, The Ringing Bell, which I have been bad to not promote on here! Although it physically debuts on May 1, if you pre-order online now, you can download it now, then receive the CD and a “graphic novel” by mail on May 1. I’m not sure what the graphic novel is about yet, but the CD is awesome. It’s available in it’s entirety streaming at . Derek’s CDs always have a prevailing theme… the church, social justice… this one is peace. Great songwriting, and this one is a rock album so it’s not as “ballad”-y as the other albums. Anyway, it’s great. Really, I’m not kidding. Rather than overwhelm you with why I love each song, I might just post about them as they move me over the next few weeks. The lyrics are available here.

Needless to say, I’m on a music high. :) By the way, the great photos are by Josh Kingcade.