No, eHarmony is not going to become the new theme of my blog, but yesterday’s post sparked the most interesting reaction I’ve ever gotten to a post. You can look below for yourself, or I’ll go ahead and post it here. The sixth comment was from a person going by the alias “Why Bother?” which linked to this website, The Hedonistic Imperative. This is the text of the comment:

Wow Ann. Close call! Good thing you didn’t join eHarmony and try communicating with any of those other matches that looked like they “had potential” or you might have missed on the opportunity to slag off this bad one. You and Auvrey ought to start a new blog called “The New Dorothy Parkers.”

The link to Dorothy Parker was mine in case you don’t know who she is. Well, when I first read it, I got pretty miffed right off, because if you want to call me out on something I write on the blog, that’s fine. But to do it anonymously is pretty low, IMHO. You have to own up to what you write. Then I became even more angry because the way that the comment was written made me think that they actually knew me… you know, using my name and talking about me and Auvrey like they knew us. So I was going through my head trying to think of who would have a secret grudge against me and Auvrey.

But thankfully, I didn’t really have to question long, because I have this great little tool on my blog that gives me statistics for who all visit here. So all I had to do was go there, look up the time the comment was left, and I had my answer.

The first clue was that it was from Pasadena, California, which surprised me. I don’t know anyone there, and have never gotten a hit from there. But it all made sense when I saw the ISP (internet service provider). . And eHarmony is based in Pasadena, California. I kid you not– the person who left a nasty, anonymous comment on my blog was accessing my site from an eharmony server!!!!!!! eHarmony has found me out!!! And I feel guilty because I’ve tipped them off to Auvrey, too!!! Oh, the humanity!!! Exclamation points!!!

What throws me is the link that was left on the user name. Was it just a red herring, or is eHarmony connected to this Hedonistic Imperative in some way? Who knows, I may have just busted the truth about eHarmony wide open. :)

Let’s see if they comment on this…