…but I did go to west Texas. :)

The stats on my blog have jumped the past few days, so I assume that means my readership is afraid I have died and are waiting on the blognouncement. I’m not dead yet… I’m getting better!

I went out west to visit several beloved friends I hadn’t seen in a disgracefully long time. I would love to post some pictures from this wonderful trip, but sadly I didn’t take a single, solitary picture while I was there! I know, shame on me! So I’ll just tell you that all our mutual friends are still devastatingly handsome, incredibly witty, and as sweet, engaging, and encouraging as ever. It was a wonderful visit, full of lots of laughs, many shared memories, meeting new, cool people and plenty of deep conversations. And a few surprises.

Then today I had the honor of driving halfway across this beautiful land-o-mine to the homestead. The bluebonnets were blooming. I love spring!