The new job started today, and is going well! In fact, I got a nice surprise when I got home from my biggest fans :) —
Thank you!


I don’t know that I’ve mentioned them much on the blog, but I have been so blessed to be part of a Bible study group here for the past three and a half years. Granted, I’ve been away for two years of that time, but you wouldn’t know it. It’s an amazing and diverse group, and we laugh and discuss and cry together and truly share each other’s lives. A few weeks ago the ladies of the group were talking about wedding and baby showers during our snack time afterwards, and I mentioned that it’s not fair that only marrieds and the impregnated get showers. Single people need stuff, too! :)

Well, one sweet woman who I’ll call CA remembered I’d said that, and tonight came in and told me she’d brought me a “shower present.” :D She bought me a recipe box and had put my favorite recipe of hers in it! Then all the ladies there took some of the cards and told me they’d give me recipes to help fill my box. It was so funny and touching that I was between laughter and tears. I absolutely love my Bible study group. They’re a big reason I’m back in OKC, to tell you the truth. I’ll write a whole post about them sometime. We’re an interesting bunch. :)


Oh yes, and on Saturday I went to a baby shower for my college roommate, Angie. It was so so good to see her, since I don’t remember seeing her for over two and a half years, although she told me she came to the hospital when I was sick (I really don’t remember hardly anyone who came). And it was a little shocking. :) She was about to pop! Little Silas is set to be born somewhere between two and four weeks from now. I’m going to predict more on the two side. Angie and Brian are some of the most godly, faithful, loving people I know, and they will be amazing parents.


Because I started a real job today, that meant that Friday was my last day to be with my Special Ed kids as a sub. As their goodbye present to me, they each performed their little victory move. The first video is the child who started the whole movement. He does this Heisman Trophy-like pose and says, “Oh yeah, Uh huh, Awesome!” :) Well, the other kids learned it and they all do it sporadically, but they all performed for me before I left. So the first video is the boy who started it, and the second is the other kids doing their versions. :) I’ll miss them so much!


Most subs request to not be put in Special Needs classes, and it really blows my mind. These kids have been such a gift to me over the past several weeks. Yes, the work has it’s unique challenges, but also it’s unique joys. I’m very grateful to them and the other teachers I worked with.