As my beloved Brazilians begin the celebration of Carnaval and Cajuns rock through Marti Gras, I am reminded that Lent is just around the corner. I’ve written before about my personal history with Lent, so I won’t rehash that, although my feelings and understanding run much deeper now.

Last year was by far the hardest Lenten fasting I’ve done, and although it was difficult and something I struggled with every day, I felt like I appreciated the spiritual discipline at a much deeper level. Lent is a season of expectation and observation. Because I practice Lent, each day I am aware that we are in the Holy Season, which turns my thoughts to Christ and His Passion.

So, for the past several days I’ve been praying and meditating over how I will observe Lent this year. The idea is to become aware of those things in your life which are obstacles in your pursuit of God, so it requires a lot of honest self-reflection.

The Lenten season is a precious time in my spiritual walk, and even if you don’t choose to participate, I hope you will take the time to learn about and appreciate this Holy Season.

The Lectionary reading schedule for this year’s Lenten season.
Devotional thoughts for Ash Wednesday