This was one of the stories on the CNN International Front Page today. The wife of the former Italian Prime Minister published a letter in the newspaper, demanding that her husband issue her a public apology for degrading and flirtatious remarks made publicly.

A lot of people may look on this whole story and think it’s quite trivial and immature of the wife, that she is overreacting or seeking attention. Maybe, or maybe he really hurt her.

It sounds like Mr. Burlusconi made it a habit of saying stupid and careless things, as noted by the other examples of his off hand comments. But I think the “apology” is the kicker– it’s really anything but, in my opinion. An apology that is a pardon of the other person’s hurt is not an apology at all.

My friend wrote a post about this idea a few weeks ago, and it’s true. I think that so many times we get in trouble by speaking without thinking. I think it’s especially troublesome because what we say reflects our true beliefs. Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks, right?