I really like the whole Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year/holiday season. I think the song rings true when it says it’s “the most wonderful time of the year.” Maybe that’s a little too sentimental of me, but hey, I like it. I especially like my dancing Santa and watching Christmas movies. And the music.

Anyway, this may be an ongoing blog theme until Christmas, I don’t know, but I want to say a little about my least favorite part of Christmas. Gifts. I love giving gifts, but at Christmas I, like most people with any good sense, get frustrated at the rampant consumerism. So I want to present you with what I think are good gifts and bad gifts. Feel free to add to my list.

Bad gifts–

The diamond “journey” necklace. I think this is a genius marketing ploy by the diamond industry. First they had the whole, three stone “past, present, future” thing, and then the “women’s right hand ring,” and now this. What a great way to convice you to buy 7 diamonds instead of one. I’m not a diamond girl, for several reasons practical and ethical. So I think this is a bad gift.

A Lexus. Have you seen these commercials? First of all, who buys a $50,ooo luxury car for their spouse at Christmas? I’d kill my husband if he bought a car, especially like that, without telling me.

Naming a star after someone. This is just pretty weird. If you’re interesting in naming a star after someone, then let me also interest you in naming a tree in the amazon after your loved one, as well. Only $29.95, a deal found exclusively on the sojochick blog.

Good gifts–

Blood donation! Not only a good idea for the holiday season, but all year through. But this is the season to give. There may be a blog coming up about this, but I honestly feel like every person who is able should be donating regularly. You might be thinking, “this is a gift?” Sure! You can give in honor of someone who’s received a transfusion, like, I don’t know, maybe your favorite blogger. :)

Ten Thousand Villages — a fair trade organization that lets you buy artisan work from around the world while paying the artists fair prices. Really beautiful things, too.

World Vision or Heifer International — These groups let you buy things like a cow or a goat for a family who desperately needs it.

Art by the children of St. Jude’s hospital— What a precious gift one of these items would make! Not only are you supporting the kids, but also giving someone a reminder to pray for the children who make these things as well.

Good books. Good books are always a good gift. It’ll make ya’ smarter. :)

I’m sure there are lots of other bad and good gifts. Any thoughts?