I know I’ve been blog absent, but let’s face it, my life here isn’t as exciting as it was in Brazil. :) Actually, I did have an exciting experience last weekend. I’ll write about it later.

Tomorrow is the honest to goodness Thanksgiving, so here’s the mother of all Thanksgiving lists. These may be repetative, but they’re the big ones that I’m super grateful for.

  • Mexican food, chocolate, Dr. Pepper
  • Good books and good music
  • The Bible
  • Amazing opportunities I’ve had
  • Medical technology that has allowed me to live long enough to have those opportunities
  • Internet and airplanes
  • The fact that I am lucky enough to call several places in the world “home”
  • My friends and my family– how can 5 words do this one justice?
  • Grace, courage of conviction, and the body of Christ being lived out in this world

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.