So this was a great trip. Wonderful to get away, see new places in Brazil (I almost wrote “meet” new places in Brazil… if you speak Portugese or Spanish you understand), and meet great people.

Here are some miscellaneous photos I want to share to wrap up.

This is funny– let me translate. “Witch Market– Parking”. I´m really not a witch. :)

Pretty good looking group, huh? :) I think it´s funny that of all the amazing photo opps and beautiful scenery, my friends chose to take our picture in front of a group of stragley rocks.

Me and Jéssica

Ivan and I

Fountain of wine!

This is me drinking the green tea the south is famous for. I don´t know why I´m making this face; it was really quite good! Just like the REAL green tea in Japan! :)

Us with Tia Tânia, the owner of the hotel where we stayed. She was SO WONDERFUL to us!!! If you ever go to Bento Gonçalves, you HAVE to stay at the Villa Dei Fiori! :)

So sad to go home! :(

“Carry this special place in your heart with the hope of your return”, or something like that. :)

And to wrap it up, I leave you with yet another video of Ivan and I making fools of ourselves doing the toothpick trick in a mall. This time in Bento Gonçalves. If you knew how Brazilians feel about toothpick etiquette, you´d realize how stupid we are. :) Please note Ivan piercing his lip.