Marúsia drinking coconut water… or is it coconut milk in English? In Portuguese it´s water. I get so confused these days! :) They drink it straight from the source here… none of that artificial wussy stuff! :)

This is my sweet friend Jéssica. She works at the church in Salto, so I´ve spent lots of quality hours with her. She´s the sweetest thing, and she absolutely hates this picture. She´s added much joy and laughter to my time here. What a joyful beauty!

Aaaooooo… as meninas! ;)

E os meninos! Fosco/Alessandro, Ivan, Ricardo, Jorge

Okay, readership… this was my moment to share one of my great family traditions with my Brazilian friends. Talk about enriching the culture!

And this is Garrett the other gringo. He is an Aggie studying in Chile, but he´s here visiting for a week. This boy has mad skills. Basically he runs a bobbypin through his nose. Don´t watch if you´re super squimish… I seriously almost died laughing :)