I have a couple of funny stories to share.

First, on Sunday a big group of friends went to the movies and we ended up seeing “Open Season”, I think it´s called in English… in Portuguese it´s “O Bichu Vai Pegar.” It´s a movie about a bear and a deer being hunted. I wasn´t very impressed. Anyhoo, after the movie our group went to eat dinner. We were all at a big table and I wasn´t paying much attention, but I heard people talking about how something was normal in the US and they were surprised by it, so I asked what they were talking about. Jéssica turned to me and said, “É normal nos Estados Unidos pra gente caçar animais?” What I heard was “É normal nos Estados Unidos pra gente casar animais?” Slight difference in pronunciation, big difference in meaning… She asked me if it was normal for people to hunt animals in America and I thought she said is it normal for people to marry animals in America. Oh my goodness, after the initial shock then understanding, I died laughing. Easy mistake, but funny mistake. :)


Second, yesterday some friends were here at my house. One friend said, “I think you have a bat in the house. I said, “Oh no, you always hear that sound. They´re outside the house.” He said, “I´m going to open the door to let the bat out.” So he opened the door and a few minutes later I saw a bat FLY OUT OF MY HOUSE into the night. I screamed like a girl! I´m not scared of bats, but I sure don´t want them in my house!!!!!!! Oh my goodness… all day long I´ve been looking at my ceilings to check for more bats. :-/ But let this be a lesson. If you have bats in your house, just open the door and let them out.