Yesterday I needed to go by the construction site of the new church building here to take pictures, so Seu Zezo (Seu is a title of respect, his name is Zezo, which I´m pretty sure is a nickname for Jesus– the name, not our Savior) took me there. Seu Zezo is an elder here and is becoming one of my favorite people. I´ve been here four months, and it was only two weeks ago that Seu Zezo learned that I am not Brazilian. Clearly, we hadn´t engaged in any large discussions, but I do remember translating for him once when the campaigns were here. But anyway, now everytime he sees me he says, “speak English!” I don´t know if he means I speak English or he speaks English or what. :) When we got in his car yesterday I was amazed because the CD he was playing was hard core techno… so loud you could feel it. :) I love Seu Zezo and his sweet family.


I´m pretty sure this could be me one day…


Tonight is the McBride Center Lecture. I wish I could be there… but I´m pretty sure the rest of my life is going to entail wishing I could be in more than one place at once.


By the way, this week has been amazing so far. Last week is a distant bad memory. :) Thanks to you guys for your support and prayers.