In case you were ever wondering what the karma would be for a person who records her friends running across a street for their lives while laughing hysterically, then posting it to the internet for everyone to laugh at, here it is.

Yesterday I was going home by bus after doing some heavy duty grocery shopping, so my backpack was full of stuff and I was carrying 4 loaded sacks. The bus drops me off outside my neighborhood, and to get into it I have to cross a freeway type thing. It´s not super busy, but busy enough. So as I, loaded down like a donkey, tried to cross the street yesterday, I tripped over a reflector and fell sprawled out in the middle of the highway with all my four sacks sprawled in various places near me. There was a group of about 10 people watching me from the other side, but no one offered to help. Jerks.

So my mind´s going 100 miles a minute trying to decide what to do. First and foremost I haul my butt up and do a quick check of where traffic is. Then I notice where my sacks are amongst the highway and decide if I have time to get them or should abandon them. I decided to go for them. And by the grace of God I got all of my stuff and didn´t get smashed like an American pancake. :)

I knew I fell on my hand yesterday but it didn´t hurt, but today my right hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder are all pretty sore. That´s what I get for laughing at my friends! :)


I found a place in Itu to buy chocolate chips yesterday!!!!!!! You really truly have no idea how happy this made me.


Now the BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!

This has actually been planned for quite some time, but only became official today.

No, I´m not getting married. :)

But I am staying in Brazil until November! YAAAAAAAAAY!

Today I went to the Federal Police in the next city and applied to renew my tourist visa, which by the grace of God they did!

I have a lot of people to thank for this, especially Phyllis for finding out all the information for me to do it, my parents for helping with the last minute (seriously!) paperwork of things, and my dear friend Leandro who gave me a ride and helped me out with the Federal Police. And all of you my wonderful friends who have supported me throughout everything.

Ann and Leandro with my visa extention
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Here´s a picture of me and Leandro in Sorocaba with my visa. :) :) :) YAY! Please excuse the mess of my hair. I forgot to use product today. :)