As I mentioned yesterday, this is looking to be a big week! On Thursday I am going with these people:

Aníbal, Jandira, me, Ivan…

to Brasília (the capitol of Brazil)!

This is very cool in several ways. First of all, we’re going for the wedding of a young man from Itu named Luis. I met Luis when I was here two years ago, and he is so sweet and precious. So I’m excited about going to my first Brazilian wedding!

Secondly, my dear friends Bob and Donna Carpenter (and their lovely filhas) lived and worked in Brasília for 10 years as missionaries, so I am happy to get to see where they were for so long.

Brasília is an interesting city because it was created 50 years ago with the purpose of making it a modern city and the country’s capitol. So it’s very planned out and modern. And as I look up information about the city it looks like it has some interesting things to see. AND there is a lot of talk about us going to see a volleyball game of Brazil’s national team, which would be very cool. And did I mention of the 4 of us going together, I am the only one who has flown? :) This will be fun!!!!!!

I am so so thankful to be going with these guys because they are some of the coolest, sweetest, and funniest people I know, and I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of fun, laugh a lot, and make some good memories during this little adventure. :) So next week you can keep your eyes open for hopefully some good pictures and good stories.