As I think I mentioned on the blog, the last two weeks have been a festival of arts here in Itu. I took part in a community choir and had a blast! We had a few performances last weekend and I get to show you some pictures now.

On Saturday night we performed in probably the most beautiful church in Itu (Catholic, of course, because we know that Churches of Christ aren´t exactly world renowned for their aesthetic beauty). We sang several fun songs, two in Latin… I don´t know the technical word for them, but they´re churchy, and two traditional Brazilian songs, and one South African song.

This is us singing Dona Nobis, one of the Latin songs.

This is us dancing to the South African song, called “Tambores de Minas.” KO KOM BA!
Please note the colored blouse mentioned in an earlier post. :) Yay for not looking like a street walker in the church!

Sunday night we sang with an orchestra, and it was SO AMAZING. I loved it! We sang Va Penseiro, part of an Italian opera, and the Hallelujah chorus in Portuguese, which here is the Alelulia chorus. :) I have no pictures of that performance, though. :( Maybe I´ll procure one sometime. We dressed all in black and let me tell you, we were hot.

Here´s a picture of me and my friends Leandro and Ivan.

Also, on a personal note of saudades, yesterday I said “tchau for now” to my beloved friend Pamela, aka the Canadian. She is precious to me and was a lifesaver and will be sorely missed, but I´m sure our paths will cross again. LOVE YOU SWEETIE!