So as I was fuming this morning, waiting entirely too long for my bus, I started thinking about how public transportation buses are a nice metaphor for life or spirituality or something. Bear with me, I´m still working this out.

First there is the waiting. Sometimes in life you have to wait. And (at least in Brazil), you never really know how long you´re going to wait. But you wait, because you have no choice. If you don´t wait, you´ll never go anywhere.

Related to this waiting is that you´ve got to know what you´re waiting for. Buses will come and go, and they´re all going somewhere. But you´ve got to know the one you need to get where you´re going.

So you get on the bus, and maybe you´re in a hurry to get where you´re going. But the bus reminds you that you´re not the only person in the world, because there are other folks who want to get on and off the bus to get where they´re going, too. So you´ve got to learn to work with others through the process. You´re not the only one going somewhere.

What other metaphors can I draw… There are only X number of seats on a bus, and sometimes other people who get on the bus need them more than you do. Sometimes you´ve got to sacrifice your privledge in an act of mercy to others.

On the bus you have to trust the driver. Period. Even though that´s scary at times.

Mistakes on the bus aren´t the end of the world. They´re annoying and inconvienent, but recoverable. (see earlier post about being lost on the bus)

I don´t really know what I can say about getting off the bus. Seems like it´s kind of morbid. Hmm…

Well that´s all. Clearly I spend way too much time waiting on the bus, on the bus, and thinking about buses. :)