Sometimes we all hear strange things. Especially when you´re in a different country. I just had to share two moments I had on Monday that totally cracked me up. Maybe they´ll give you a chuckle, too.

Scene 1trying to explain banana bread to my friend

Ann– It´s banana bread. It´s like a cake.
Confused friend– Is it like a pie?
Ann– No, it´s like a cake.
CF– Is it like… a pudding?
Ann– No, it´s like a cake.
CF– Is it like… a mousse?
Ann– No, it´s like a cake.

At this point we both cracked up because we were clearly missing each other. Please realize that he speaks English well and there are definite differences in all these things. And he was seriously confused, I think! Oh Lord. :)


Scene 2– This is a solitary quote that my Brazilian friend said to my Canadian friend who he is going to visit in Canada this Christmas. They had been making a list of things he wants to do while there.

Funny funny friend– Oh! While we´re in Canada can we go milk the penguins?????

Holy freaking cow. I laughed for HOURS at this as the scene from “Meet the Parents” flashed through my head and I envisioned Ben Stiller imitating the milking motion of a cat. “You can milk anything with nipples…” Holy mackrel. DIED laughing. For the record, he knows full well there aren´t penguins in Canada, and they can´t be milked. :)


Attempt at posting at least one more picture!

This is funny because I don´t even know how to describe it. My second day in Brazil I went to the street fair in Campinas and this ugly guy was doing some kind of modern art type presentation, I guess. At first I thought he was a statue, but then he moved. Turns out it was an old guy covered in mud. If you left him a tip he would give you a Bible verse, so my friend Otavio (at the left) did that. Then the ugly man saw me and beckoned me to him and indicated he wanted a picture with me. I look nervous here because I didn´t want to get muddy– he was dripping!

MERCIFUL DESTROYERS! This is my small group from camp. We named ourselves the Merciful Destroyers because the theme of our camp was Mercy. We were also known as the “old people group” because we were the old people group. :) It was great and I love them all dearly.

Well folks, blogger´s only allowing two pictures today! Thanks for tuning in! :)