…So as I look out the window and see the city of Itu behind us, I think to myself, “myself, you are in a situation now, aren´t you?” Then I started laughing. The problem was that I wasn´t going to get off the bus at that point because the bus stops were in the middle of nowhere! Only grassy fields to be seen! Don´t ask me where the people who got off at those stops went, because I have no idea.

So, I´m thinking that I´m probably headed to the next town and praying that we´ll stop at a bus station. 45 minutes later we do and I jump off the bus and look for a phone. I called my friend Marúsia and our conversation went something like this:
Lost Gringa- Hey! Where are you?
Má- I´m at XYZ, where are you?
LG– I DON´T KNOW! I got on the wrong bus and went to a different town!!!!!
Má– What?!?! What bus did you get on???
LG– 47.
Má– Just get back on bus 47 and come back to Itu.

So that´s what I did. Turns out I went past a little town thing called “Cidade Nova,” which is quite ironic since it literally means “New City.” I got back on the bus for another hour and ended up downtown, then RAN to the church building and got there at 5:45pm. And it was deserted. I was so sad. So I sat on the doorstep to the church and pouted. But then I called my friends and they came and rescued me and we all got a good laugh out of the whole thing. :) Ya live, you learn, hey? A lot of living in a new culture is not so much learning what to do, but learning what not to do. :)



This is one of my favorite pictures– all people I adore! Marúsia, Leandro, Ivan, me, and Guto at the movies. Leandro is so precious; he and Marúsia met at university and he´s been really involved in all of our church activities since. He starts a Bible study tonight with Marúsia so please be praying for him!

Well, I wanted to post more pictures but Blogger is being buttheaded. Story of my life, huh?!

Beijos pra todos!