Yay for more pictures! Today I´d like to thank Pamela, the local Canadian, for her contribution to my picture pool. :)

This is Thiago, one of my favorite people here. I say that about a lot of people, but he really is. :) And he´s a blog reader! Oi Thiago!!!! Saudades. :)

Miriam, me, Marúsia, Bruninha and Ivan at camp. What a good lookin´group. Owww…..

This is Pamela, who I love dearly, because she understands me and helps preserve my sanity on a weekly basis.

As you´ll notice in the photos, my hair continues to grow into an Afro-like state. I don´t know what to do with this mane anymore! Thank God for mousse!


Yesterday I had an adventure. In my family, at least, when we say “adventure” we mean “I got lost.”

It started rather innocently. I was going from my house to the church building yesterday afternoon for choral practice, which requires a bus. I´ve gone by bus to church plenty of times, so it shouldn´t have been any kind of problem. But all the sudden when I got there I could not remember which number bus went to church– 6 or 8. Well an 8 came and went with me being indicisive and time was drawing near for practice to start, so I thought I´d just get on the next bus that I thought would go in that direction. Try to understand here that the bus is pretty close to downtown, so any bus going downtown would have been okay for me to take.

So the next bus I see is number 47, and it´s little descripter says it´s going to “Terminal.” I always just assumed that “Terminal” was the same as the rodovidaria, or bus station. That makes sense, doesn´t it? Well the bus station´s downtown so I got on that bus.

It seemed like I´d made a good decision, because we started heading downtown, but suddenly I realized I had a problem when the bus veered and the next thing I know we´re leaving Itu…

~to be continued~