To further prove that I went to camp and had fun, I have for you some pictures! None of these are actually pictures I took, so many thanks to Vitinho for sharing his. :)

This is me (sporting the OC shirt, sunglasses and do-rag) and my boss/adopted sister/dear friend Marúsia (on the left in lime) competing in one of those three-legged races. I´m not sure who I am trying not to get killed by, but just so you know, I was running backwards at this time.

This is me choreographing during one of our many, multi-hour choreography parties we had at camp. Yeah. :)

This is Reid, Soraya, and me. Reid was great because he was another gringo willing to butcher Portuguese to try to communicate with folks, like me! Soraya is 1000 times cool, and one of many reasons for that is because she can sing the entire soundtrack to “The Sound of Music” (which she, Pamela, and I did the first night of camp– we´ll be starting our worldwide tour this fall– haha!)

I love this picture because I think it captures a glimpse of how much fun my small group had. We had the best group ever! YAY MERCIFUL DESTROYERS!!!!!!!!! What a name, huh? ;) This is me, Jefferson, Fernando, and Jandira.

(group picture will go here when Blogger decides to behave)

This is the obligatory group picture. Lots of fun. Many thanks to everyone who poured blood, sweat, and tears into it.

There ya have it! As I procure more pictures from other sources I will probably add more later.