Well it happened. I’m afraid we all knew it was coming. My beloved Elliot was voted off American Idol last night. I would like to say, though, that I did my part. I voted for him repeatedly. In case you don’t watch American Idol (what’s wrong with you?!– haha), last night was the semi-finals– 3 contestants left, Katherine, Taylor, and Elliot. The vote percentage went like this– first place 33.6%, second place 33.2%, and last place 33.06%. So close! So close but yet so far, to quote my beloved Four Seasons. So Elliot went home. :( I must say that I pulled a Paula Abdul and shed a tear during his highlight video. But I am confident that Elliot has a bright future in the music industry, and I can’t wait to buy his CD. I could spend the rest of my day hearing him singing “Home” and be very very happy. :)

I don’t know who I’m rooting for now. Maybe Taylor. Soul Patrol! I think Kat’s a little too much like Kelly Clarkson, and I’m all for diversity.


In other random news, I think I broke my toe this morning! I stubbed it very hard against a piece of furniture. I broke different toes twice in high school– my ring toe on my left and right foot. This time it’s my pinkie toe on my right foot. Maybe I just bruised it really bad, I don’t know. Just hope it’s all healed up before June 1st! :)

Anyone else broken toes before? Those are the only bones I’ve ever broken, although I have suspicions I might have mildly cracked my wrist in a racquetball accident in high school.