Pretty much anyone involved in any kind of language and literature study program has seen “Dead Poets’ Society”; I think it must be a written rule somewhere. Who doesn’t love Robin Williams ripping up textbooks and dancing around inspiring his students to “carpe diem!” or “seize the day!”

It seems pretty standard for people who have had life-altering trauma to suddenly adopt this “live life to the fullest” attitude. When I had my first round of illness 3 years ago, I didn’t really feel like that though. But this past year of illness has really instilled in me that time is precious.

So with that said, I’m pleased to make an announcement that’s been in the works for a while now. On June 1st I’ll be headed to Brazil! Don’t worry, I do have a return ticket and the full support of my doctors. My goals for this time are to study the language, try to get to know the culture in a more realistic sense, and work with the church– a trial run of sorts to see if a longer term career in Brazil is something I really want or would be able to do effectively.

This shouldn’t come as a shock; if you really know me, you know that I’ve been trying to get back to Brazil since the day I came back the last time. I wanted to live in Brazil pretty much since the first time I went in 2001, and took steps to do so after I graduated. But God closed the door to Brazil and opened the door to Japan, so I went there. But since that chapter has ended and Brazil’s still on my heart, I’m going to see what happens. Maybe this is just something I have to get out of my system, but if it is, I have to get it out of my system. If I don’t try it, I’ll regret it forever.

Some of you know I’ve been talking about this for months, really. But I wanted to wait til all my chicks hatched before I counted them. :) And yesterday when my visa arrived, I knew everything should be in place. So, Lord willing, June 1st I’m setting out. Two weeks from tomorrow! :) To say I’m excited would be a gross understatement… I’m glowing!!!