I don’t have many hidden talents, but the one I do have is that the skill of juggling. Did you know I can juggle? Well I can!

I learned way back in 2001, quite randomly. It turns out one of my good friends has taught juggling for years and years, and I learned from him. Domo arigato, Ben-sensei!

I’m not a master juggler like Ben, but I have recently been trying to brush up my skills and learn a few new tricks. It’s so fun!

Juggling is always a good skill to know so far as I can figure, because if you ever fall on hard times you can always perform on street corners for loose change. The time it came in most handy was when I was teaching in kindergartens in Japan. Ha, everybody loves a clown, right?! ;) Yes, you always become popular with the 5 and under crowd when you can throw and catch in an orderly fashion.

So I dedicate this blog to the ancient art of juggling and my teacher and friend, Ben.

What’s your hidden talent?

Juggling act in our talent show in Brazil
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We had been practicing this trick for hours probably. (It was me, of course, who was impeding the process, not Ben!) But as you can see we still kept a good sense of humor about it. And poor Cherry would watch then run and duck for cover when our practice sessions turned into bean-bag wars. :) Ben and I had a history of throwing things at each other, but that’s another blog for another day. :)
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