We’re going from music recommendations to a book recommendation (obviously I’m a little vain about my taste ;) ).

But really, yesterday I started reading “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge, and it’s fantastic. If you fall into one of the following categories, you should read it:

If you’re…

  • a woman
  • related to a woman
  • married or engaged to a woman
  • dating a woman
  • friends with a woman
  • have a daughter
  • or one day would like to fall into one of those last four categories

… you need to read this book! I guess that covers just about everyone. :)

I’m only about halfway through, but it has already touched me deeply. It talks about the deep needs and desires of a woman’s soul, and how they’re not signs of weakness but characteristics of God shining through in us.

A lot of books about Christian womanhood deal mainly with being a good wife, good mother, or preparing to become one of those.

This book fills a desperate need in our world and especially in the church– the validation of femininity. That’s the word that keeps going through my mind as I read… I feel validated.

So, this is an official sojochick recommendation. Thanks to Mer for telling me about it. I just might have to read “Wild at Heart” now (the men’s version written by John Eldredge). Lord knows I could use some education to the male mindset. :)