I’ve never been really “into” music. My family never really listened to music when I was going up, save at church and those Acappella tapes on long car trips (can I get an amen from the CofCers? :) ). But I think while I was in Japan I kind of changed. Music became my companion and my link to home and expression of thoughts I couldn’t formulate. And I was surrounded by music lovers, which also helped.

I’m always very reluctant to buy new CDs, because a CD is a big investment (yeah, I’m cheap) for a lot of songs you’re probably not sure of (since maybe 1 or 2 songs per CD gets on the radio). But over the years at times I have struck gold in CD investment, and there are some I just love and don’t think I could live without.

It’s hard to be a good CD! For me to be really happy with a CD, I only allow 1, ~maybe~ 2 mediocre songs. But I have realized lately that I’ve built up a treasury of good CDs.

This series will be my list of “good CDs” that I highly recommend. I’ve highlighted my favorite songs, but remember, they’re pretty much all great!


For the first installment in this series, I want to start with the four artists whose entire treasury of work I love. :) But I’m going to slightly limit myself and recommend a few specific albums. But if you’d like to take my word for it and buy all of their stuff, go for it! ;) And note that all of these are singer/songwriters, so they’re writing all their own music. I guess I have a soft spot for writers.

Chris Rice– Have I mentioned on the blog that I like Chris Rice? :)

  • “Past the Edges”– you’ve probably heard, “Smellin’ Coffee” and “Cartoon Song” (yes, I heard the moan); lesser known gems, “Naive,” “Thirsty,” “Missin’ You”
  • “Smell the Color 9”– you’ve probably heard, “Smell the Color 9,” “The Face of Christ”; lesser known gems, “Belong,” “Coming Home Tonight,” “My Prayer”
  • “Living Room Sessions”– an instrumental CD of classic hymns in arrangements by Chris Rice, it’s all fantastic
  • “Run the Earth, Watch the Sky”– my favorite!; you’ve probably heard, “The Other Side of the Radio,” “Come to Jesus,”; lesser known gems, “Everything’s OK,” “Wonder,” “Smile,” “My Cathedral”

Relient K– Incredibly clever lyrics, managing to be both funny and poignant. And fun to rock out to now and then. :)

  • “Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right, but Three Do”– gems, “Getting Into You,”, “Mood Rings,” “Overthinking,” “Am I Understood?”
  • “MmHmm”– gems, “The One I’m Waiting For,” “Let It All Out,” “More Than Useless,” “Be My Escape”

Derek Webb– Modern day prophet, plain and simple.

  • “She Must and Shall Go Free”– gems, “Lover,” “Beloved,” “Wedding Dress,” “The Church”
  • “Mockingbird”– gems, “A King and a Kingdom,” “A New Law,” “Rich Young Ruler”

Stephen Curtis Chapman– Touching songs and one of the most beautiful voices in music.

  • “All About Love”– gems, “How Do I Love Her?” “I Will Be Here,” “I’m Gonna Be,” “I’ll Take Care of You,” When Love Takes You In”
  • “Speechless”– gems, “What I Really Want to Say,” “The Invitation,” “Speechless,” “Great Expectations”


Any “amens” or “what are you thinkings”? :) Are there any artists you guys feel are worthy of buying the whole collection?