As many of you know, I majored in teaching English as a foreign language in college, and I also studied a few langauges. So, as I figure, in theory, I should be pretty good at learning foreign languages since I’ve studied technique and theory and all of that. But the cold, honest truth is that I’m really not! And while there are a few reasons, I can give you the #1 reason why I and most people have such difficulty learning foreign languages…


Studies show that the true, defining factor of success at foreign language learning is attitude and drive. But I suppose that’s probably true in many arenas in life… but we’re talking about languages. :)

So I look at my own history. Spanish… yeah I liked it, but I liked it in the sense that you like knick knacks… a fun thing to have and play with once in a while, but not really that big a deal. Hebrew was great; I loved it and did really well while I was actually studying. I think I did have motivation there… a great teacher, the best study partner in the world, and some healthy competetion. :) Japanese… yeah, that didn’t go well at all. And I admittedly had a horrible attitude about it from the beginning. Any coincidence? And of course Portuguese… let’s just say I’ve found motivation. :) We’ll see how it turns out!

So all that to say… well… not sure what the point of this blog is. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. Tchau!

What, did you think this was going to be some big spiritual anecdote? ;)