This week “The Book of Daniel,” an NBC series, was cancelled due to pressure on the network and sponsors from crazy Christian fundamentalists.

The complaints against it were varied, but included the fact that the main character, a priest, and his family had an assortment of issues. The priest popped pain pills, the wife was a semi-alcoholic, the son was gay, the other son slept around. I never understood why this was an issue of contention for Christians. Isn’t it about time that Christians are portrayed in the media as real people with real struggles? Do we all really want to be looked at as Ned Flanderses??? Moreover, the family was also portrayed unconventionally. Sure they had their problems, but they all really loved each other, despite their problems.

Another source of contention was that Jesus was portrayed as a character in the show. The priest would often talk to him, seeking encouragement and advice and help. Jesus was kind of a hippie on the show, but in the good sense. He was laid back and kind, and even funny. There was never a time spoken where I thought to myself, “Hey, Jesus would never say that!” In fact, I thought it was quite a good portrayal of what Jesus would probably say. I don’t know what the beef with Jesus was, but if the detractors actually watched it they might realize it wasn’t bad.

The other big issue was the fact that the church portrayed accepted homosexuality. This is the only issue I could see as being an actual stumbling block to Christians. But the church depicted is an Episcopal church, and that reflects their beliefs (I guess, I haven’t really studied Episcopalian creed). I think it comes down to people saying, “I don’t want people to get the idea this is what I stand for and accept as a Christian when it isn’t.” BUT. If we’re going to start getting mad about a misrepresentation of Christianity, let’s get Pat Robertson off the air. How about all those “send me your retirement and I’ll pray for you” televangelists?

Ugh. I’m pretty ticked about the whole deal. I liked the show. Yeah, it was a little “busy” with it’s 2345 story lines, but I enjoyed it.

I don’t know, maybe some of you guys wanted the show cancelled. Care to share your thoughts?