I’m trying to get back into blogging an talk about things other than my illness, so here goes.

Seems like my dear alma mater, OC, has been getting some attention lately. Apparently they were trying to implement a policy in which an employee of the university who gets a divorce is susceptible to being terminated, if the divorce is not scripturally sound. Due to a lot of negative press the official policy has been done away with.

I’d heard rumors that this was happening, but it was confirmed today when Mike Cope blogged about it. This of course means that all of the Church of Christ blogging world knows about it now. Grrrrrreat. It kind of made me mad that he wrote about it, but I think that was my pride in my school coming out. I was hoping to keep this dark side hidden from public view, ya know? It reminds me of when Anne Coulter was scheduled to speak at Harding and the blogging world went nuts in protest (she ended up being cancelled). Anyway, I read some of the comments on Cope’s blog and of course some people were having a field day picking at OC and by association, the Christian Chronicle (which also is close to my heart).

I’m a little torn on what to think about the policy. My first reaction is negative, because the policy is being portrayed as a hard line, “divorced and you’re gone” kind of thing. But knowing the leadership of the school, I know that’s not true. These are people of compassion and faith and love. And also, I have to think that we have to be holy as a Christian university, and by that I mean we must be set apart. That’s why we have daily chapel, that’s why we require Bible classes. Shouldn’t we have high standards for faculty and administration? Bailey McBride (my hero) wrote a great article about this subject here. I don’t know. I go back and forth with myself. Besides, it doesn’t really matter what I think, anyway. :)

It just frustrates me that this stupid policy is getting so much attention when there are so many great things about OC. But on the other hand, I think it is good for attention to be drawn to things like this going on in “our fellowship” so we can hold each other accountable. Iron sharpening iron and all that. ;)