‘Sweet Marie’ is my life long nickname for Ann. The whole nickname is ‘Sweet Marie my Darling’. Ann’s long time gal pal Nina heard me call this sevaral times and picked it too. Ann has (we have) had a setback. We spent almost 24 hours in ER on Wednesday 12/27 and Thursday. Cutting through details Ann is stable now and in ICU at Christis St. Michaels Hospital in Texarkana Texas. Rules are no phones and limited visiting times for family. A ct scan will be done tomorrow 12/31 and will determine what if any futher treatment is required. The best news would be that the treatments so far will be enough. That is what we hope for. Ann was able to be home for Christmas and we enjoyed that time. She also reads all comments to her blog and e-mail and a highlight of the day would be if the snail mail had a card or letter. She really needs her spirits lifted now. Ann’s address is Ann White, 3210 Westridge Ave., Texarkana Texas 75503. If you would like to e-mail my address so I could print and take to Ann, do it at proscw@aol.com I will print comments to her blog also. Ann really appreciated the notes but was not able to respond to most or post her blog. She looks forward to the time when she can respond personally. Again I want to thank everyone for their prayers and encouragement.
Stan White