Ann’s surgery was 12/7 from 4 pm – 6 :30 pm. We (her mom and I) saw her in ICU at 9:30. The surgeon was pleased that they found some problems and were able to correct them. All the surgery was below the stomach. She has an orignal and a new (2003 surgery) small intestine attachment to the stomach. The orginal one is where all her prior trouble has been and was again. The blockage there was bypassed and connected to a good portion of small intestine. The large intentine was laying over this exact spot and had a restriction (not blocked) that was repaired also. She will be NPO (nothing by mouth) until this heals. A J tube (small intestine feeding tube) will be used while she recovers. Normal recovery is 10 – 14 days. Of course she was weak from this condition already so pray that her body rallys now to heal .