It has been quite an eventful past week, with some gains and some losses, but overall gains I think. I’ve gained some weight and my blood work all looks a lot better. I’ve also had several days of fever and headaches and a cough that won’t leave. And lots of needles. That’s all I’ll say for the squimish. :)
Anyway, I write today to say that this afternoon I am being transfered to Zale Lipshy hospital in Dallas so I can have access to more specialists. On the one hand I’m glad because hopefully we can make some big steps there, but I also don’t want to be in Dallas where I believe I know 1 person (who I do love, but it’s not the same as having a whole church supporting you) and my family’s going to be all stretched out again. We’ll see what happens. I’ll blog when we get the room information and such. I appreciate all means of encouragement. Keep praying for me.
Love you all!