Time for another post. Thanks to some of you for your comments on the last post. :)

Today was the first time since about June I’ve uploaded my camera pictures to my computer, so here’s a mini-picture post.

Jake, Julie, and Bryan (with Sugao behind at the mic)

This is the Let’s Start Talking team that came to Hitachi Taga church for June-July. When I was in college and I did campaigns to Brazil, I often wondered if the people at the hosting churches really liked us coming. Now I think I know how they felt. It was fantastic to have them there! They were fresh wind and energy and encouragement at a time when we all needed it. I wish I could have spent more time with them, but what time I did have with them was great. Thanks to Julie, Jake, and Bryan!

My dad with his cool ride

This is my dad’s new truck. Getting a new truck is a big deal at our house. The last time it happened was 17 years ago (and we still have it and it runs great! goooo chevrolets!) I like this truck a lot. My dad put running boards on it so I can get into it easier. It’s a biggun’.

Grungy Molly and Skinny Ann

This is a picture of my sister and me. My sister dressed up today for a psychology class experiement where she has to dress unlike herself, so here she’s going grunge. I also just wanted an updated picture of me on the blog. I’m a skinny girl now. :)

I’m doing heaps better. My spirit is much better. I’ll keep you updated.