My life has been the utmost of boring lately. Thankfully I have my family, cable TV, a few good books, and nice friends who actually still email me to keep me sane. However today was a very very happy day for me. Thanks to my sweet family who found it in Texarkana for me, today I own the new Chris Rice CD, Amusing! :) Yaaaay!
AND I found out today that it actually has a DVD on the other side of the CD, so I got to watch behind the scenes footage of Chris Rice and the people recording the CD. I’m tickled pink. Chris recently went to a new label, so this is a little different from his other albums, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it all the same. Do yourself a favor and go pick it up.
By the way, I think I’m doing some better. I can actually eat now, which is good. I still haven’t gained weight, but have faith it’ll come.
Thanks to everyone for their nice emails and comments. They really brighten my days. Love you all!