Hello, you wonderful people. If you’re still reading then you are, in fact, wonderful. :) I know I should be blogging, especially since I have nothing but free time on my hands, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. And here is my theory why.

Abraham Maslow developed a system called the Hierarchy of Needs. Simply put it states that before you can worry about the higher levels of existence you must be stable in the lowest levels of existence. For example (see the website), I think in Japan I was at or nearing the self-actualization level. I had a great job in my field with great friends. I was stable in many many ways. But now I have found myself knocked on my butt back to the first level– physiological needs. I live day to day just focusing on keeping a few calories in me.

So… as much as it sucks, and as much as it is against my personality to do so, I have really pulled away from a lot of my friends. I feel like I’m sinking all this energy into being well so I have little to spare. I hope my friends can forgive me and just support me through this. I’m trying to be better. See, I even made myself blog tonight. :)

As for how I’m doing, it’s hard to say. I am improving in some ways, but not others. The specific prayer request I have is that I can gain weight. I keep losing and I have nothing left to loose except the good stuff (muscle, organs, yadda yadda). So that’s that. I’ll keep you updated. Love you all! And mad props to all my friends who’ve recently started blogs! Y’all are awesome bloggers!!!!!