Quick update for you loyal blog readers.

Looks like I am headed home in the next couple of days. My doctor and boss are really really pushing me to do it, and honestly it’s what I want to do so I figure I should do it. (At my boss’ insistence) the doctor gave me a tenteki (IV) full of the good stuff so I could at least function somewhat. I am pretty weak from eating only yogurt cups and toast for the past week or so. I also received a standing prescription to come and get an IV anytime I want this week, so that is great.

Thank you all for all of your support. If you’d like to pray more specifically for me and this situation, then here are some specifics:


  • my employer and co-workers who are being fabulous, truly more than I could ever ask for
  • IV fluids
  • my friends here who are taking care of me so well until I can get home


  • trying to find a somewhat reasonable airplane ticket (this could get ridiculous)
  • as I try to make it through the physical strain of the trip back
  • my doctors appointments and tests I will go through once home
  • my family and me as we try not to worry or stress

Thank you again. Love you all. I’ll update this post when I know what day I’m leaving.

The Lord provides! It seems like through this experience, each time I pray for God to provide for me He does in amazing and effective ways. Today two angels of mercy (who will remain anonymous because I think I’d embarrass them) helped arrange my flight home. I can’t begin to explain what a load off my mind this is. You two know who you are and I thank you profusely!!!!! So now I will be leaving on Saturday, July 2 at 4pm from Narita Airport and arriving in Texarkana at 8pm on Saturday evening. Until then I’m going to try to get my apartment ready for being gone and gather my strength for the flight.