Hello again, all.
I just posted once, but I figure I owe my friends who read this an update on my physical condition. Frankly, I’ll be honest and admit that I am reaching a stage where I am pretty sick of seemingly everyone knowing about my gastro-intestinal (GI) system, but I’m not going to complain about the fact that I have the “problem” of too many people caring. I am quite quite blessed with a wonderful support group throughout the world– literally.
So here’s the skinny (there’s a pun there when you realize I’ve lost over 25 pounds). I’m still sick. Pretty sick. I have good days and bad days. Good days I can get through the day pretty well, my only problem being this constant exhaustion from malnutrition. Bad days I can’t do much. This week I’ve had…4 bad days, 1 good day. So not a great week. Yesterday I went to work all day and today I went half a day. Now I’m so-so. My spirits hover around wherever my physical well being is, when I feel bad I am pretty low. When I feel good it’s like nothing can phase me. Also, I’m re-honing my skill of pretending to be ok when I’m not. I know it’s not healthy emotionally or physically, but it’s a natural instinct.
So here’s the plan. I go back to the doctor for blood test and check up. I’m going to show the doctor some of the research I’ve done (I’ve diagnosed myself with gastroparesis) and try to convince them to do something. Monday if I’m still not satisfied with my doctor experiences then I am going to ask my boss to make a rush trip home to go to my own doctor. If and when that happens, I will decide from there whether or not I can continue this job. I just can’t go on being sick like this.
So that being said, I will appreciate your support and encouragement. Right now I’m dealing with an overflow of advice, so unless you’ve been in this exact situation I would appreciate if you’d just hold onto it unless I ask. :) My friends and co-workers are blessings beyond measure. Your prayers, emails, encouragement and acts of kindness truly overwhelm me. You are the hands and feet of Christ! I love you all and will keep you updated.