Realizing that my blog has been rather serious and somewhat dreary (in my opinion at least) for some time, I thought I’d lighten things up with a picture blog. No, they really have no relevance other than I want to post them and they make me happy. So here goes!

This is Meredith, me, and Amber in Honduras last summer. I was going for my JLo gangta look. You’ll notice that Amber and I are in opposing gangs. Too bad, really. :) But right now my dear Meriadoc is in Honduras again probably having all kinds of fun and hijinx with our dear Amba.

I have been missing this crazy bunch of people a lot lately. This is, more or less, the 2000 Honors class from OC. This photo was taken after our first semester of college. Although we were known at times to have sharp disagreements, we also ultimately came to love and respect each other in a special way. I love these people so much!

This is my oldest friend Nina. She’s not old, she’s my age, but she is my oldest friend in that we’ve been friends for 17 years (since first grade with Mrs. Hayes) and still keep in touch. Nina says that this is a testimony to the power of the internet (since we’ve lived far away for 7 years now). I agree. In the picture we are pointing to Stephenville, where we grew up.

“I’m so vain… I probably think this blog is about me…” But really, I just received a CD-ROM with a lot of pictures from my campaign to Brazil last summer and this was on there. I like this picture because I believe I was really, really happy when this was taken.

Last but not least, here is a shot from a Toga party we Hitachi-folk had right before I got sick. I normally wouldn’t have dressed up, but what the heck. It was a fun experience.

So there ya have it! Hope this is mildly entertaining to some. If not, stick around maybe I’ll tickle your fancy later.


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